martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

MOB RULES - "My Kingdom Come" - (2014)

Listado de "Timekeeper":
Disco 1: The Best
"Temple Fanfare"
"Pilot of Earth"
"Black Rain"
"Cannibal Nation"
"Astral Hand"
"Close My Eyes"
"Dead Man`s Face"
"Among The Gods"
"In The Land Of Wind And Rain"
"Hollowed Be Thy Name"
"Last Farewell"
"Ice And Fire"
"Lord Of Madness" (Live)
"With Sparrows Rain Song" (Live)

Disco 2: Friends
"Insurgeria" (new recording, with Udo Dirkschneider & Marco Wriedt)
"Celebration Day" (new recording, with Bernhard Weiß)
"Lights Out" (new recording, with Peter Knorn)
"End Of All Days" (new recording, with Amanda Somerville & Corvin Bahn)
"Broken" (new Track)
"All Above The Atmosphere" (new recording, with Herbie Langhans & Herman Frank)
"Coast To Coast" (new recording, with Michael Ehré, Stephan Lill & Chity Somapala)
"How The Gypsy Was Born" (remastered, with Peavy Wagner)
"Run With The Wolf" (new recording, with Sascha Paeth)
"My Kingdom Come" (new Track, Orchestral Version, with Corvin Bahn)

Disc 3: Single
"My Kingdom Come" (canción nueva)
"Meet You In Heaven" (Live at Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004, prev. unreleased)

Disc 4: DVD
"Children Of The Flames"
"Trial By Fire"
"Astral Hand"
"Unholy War"
"Ashes To Ashes"
"Fuel To The Fire"
"Veil Of Death"
"Last Farewell"
"In The Land Of Wind And Rain"
"Black Rain"
"Hollowed Be Thy Name"

Videos Oficiales:
"Ice and Fire"
"Astral Hand"
"Last Farewell"
"Black Rain"


The Roadmob Bootlegs:
"Tele Box Fool" - Live @ Rockfabrik Nuremberg (2013)
Ethnolution Tour The Scandinavian Chapter (2007)
The Magic Circle Files (2007)
"The Glance Of Fame" (unofficial Clip)
Cannibal Nation drum recording outtakes
"Invitation Time" (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)
"Meet You In Heaven" (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)

"My Kingdom Come" se ofreció como adelanto en forma de single en formato digital como parte de uno de los bonus.
Y ahora lo que nos ofrecen,Mob Rules, es unos pequeños fragmentos de esa canción...

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